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Change Management

CHANGE MANAGEMENT This Change Management Training is designed to help you and/or your organization manage change effectively. This training is designed to help you learn the different Change Management Models available. It is designed to show you how to utilize a structure process to apply tools and skills to achieve success. Change Management focuses on people. If done correctly change management engages people throughout the process. As you know change is not optional. So managing change effectively results in a higher probability of higher returns. RISKS OF NOT MANAGING CHANGE EFFECTIVELY Low Morale Increase in resistance Employees may leave the organization Low productivity

Training Object

1.- Understand Change Management

2.- Understand the different Models of Change Management

3.- Know the History of Change Management

Training Framework

1.- Introduction

2.- What is change and why people resist change

3.- Change Management Process

4.- The Lewin's Change Management Model

5.- The McKinsey 7S Model

6.- The ADKAR Model

7.- Future of Change Management

8.- Strategies to implement Change Management