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White Belt Training

This is a high level training and the intent is that is flexible so that it can be applied to any type of organization. This is a great Training which will provide you with the tools to identify waste in any process and utilize the correct tools to eliminate and/or reduce the waste. This is a self-paced course and teaches you the basics of Lean Six Sigma so you can make a positive impact in your company's cost-cutting efforts. White Belt Training Framework 1.- Waste vs. Value a.- What is Value? b.- How do you recognize when value is created? 2.- Waste (TIMWOOD) 3.- How to identify waste 4.- Brief review of the DMAIC Methodology 5.- Basic Problem Solving Tools 6.- 5S as the foundation for Lean Implementation Learning the basics of Lean Six Sigma Principles through the White Belt Training allows you to be on your way to being certified as Yellow Belt Green Belt Black Belt or Master Black Belt. Our Training Courses are designed to build upon each other. Upon completion of this training participants will be able to: Understand basic Lean Six Sigma terminology Map processes Apply problem solving techniques Collect data to establish baselines and measure performance Perform root causes analysis Develop and implement solutions

Training Object

1.- Use the DMAIC methodology to improve processes

2.- Communicate using Lean Six Sigma concepts

3.- Build and understand process maps, SIPOC and Spaguetti Maps

4.- Identify the root cause of a problem

5.- Relate Lean Six Sigma concepts to your business objectives and strategy

Training Framework

1.- Introduction

2.- Lean Six Sigma History

3.- The 7 Deadly Wastes

4.- 5S

5.- Defining the Current State

6.- How to Develop a Project Charter

7.- Analyzing Root Causes

8.- Taking Action to Improve Processes

9.- Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

10.- Control and Sustainment